[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s all about family for RE/MAX HALLMARK’s Wafa Masri and Jalila Freve. The Toronto based mother-daughter team has worked together officially since 2013, but for daughter Jalila, it feels like she’s been with RE/MAX her whole life.

Wafa started working in real estate in part to allow her the flexibility to start a family. She’s spent the last 25 years with RE/MAX, successfully growing both her business and raising Jalila as a single mom.

My mom was independent and worked really hard but was able to be a full-time mom as well. I loved being able to see her succeed on her own

This is one of the reasons Jalila was inspired to get into real estate. She is now taking on more of the day-to-day operations of running the business, from touring houses with clients to office management responsibilities. This has allowed Wafa to focus more on networking with current, past and potential clients, while also supporting various charitable causes and organizing events such as local school fundraisers and other community based initiatives.

The intergenerational dynamic also enables the duo to tailor their expertise to each client’s unique needs. Wafa typically works with more seasoned buyers and sellers who are either looking to move-up or downsize, while Jalila tends to take the lead helping first-time buyers tackle the challenges of purchasing their first home. She dedicates significant time to sit down with first-time buyers upfront and take them through the entire process, from the timeline of the move to providing explanations of the different industry practices they’ll encounter along the way.

“Educated buyers make educated decisions,” says Jalila. “As their realtor, I’ll take care of the small details that can overwhelm a first-time buyer, enabling them to focus on the bigger picture and making an educated decision.”

Wafa credits her daughter with reinvigorating her passion for the business and keeping the team tapped into the latest tools and technology offered by RE/MAX that enable the duo to provide the best possible service for their clients.

One such tool is Open Home Pro, an app that allows real estate agents to communicate more efficiently with potential home buyers. Open Home visitors sign in electronically through the app and answer various questions about what they’re looking for in a home. Wafa and Jalila are then able to take that information and follow up on potential leads with the tap of a button, eliminating wasteful and time-consuming paperwork for both them and potential buyers.

The RE/MAX Design Center is another tool the team relies on to produce high quality social posts, promotional products and presentation materials, helping the duo align their personal advertising with the RE/MAX brand.

Wafa also notes how being part of the international RE/MAX community has allowed her to network with and learn from other top real estate agents around the world.

I love the fact that RE/MAX can take agents from different parts of globe, put them in a room and have them learn from each other. To me, that constant opportunity to learn from my peers is the most powerful tool available

She adds that whether it be writing up a contract for a potential seller, preventing potential buyers from investing in a home that could lose them money in the long-run or ensuring clients aren’t leaving money on the table, their training allows them to bring invaluable professional experience to any situation.

But it’s not just about what a realtor can add at the negotiation table says Jalila. It’s also about the emotional support.

“We work with a lot of buyers in the Toronto market and sometimes they’re putting two to three offers on a property and they start to feel a little beaten down. It’s your job as a realtor to keep them positive and keep them hopeful. I always say to my clients, ‘we’re going to become a little family, we have to work together.’”

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