Sometimes you’re handed more choices than you’d expect—such as multiple offers—but the best choice isn’t always clear. You need to take a much closer look to see the real differences.

When you have multiple offers on your home, there are several areas to consider. Check out three important tips, below.

1. Do the Math

By “do the math,” we don’t simply mean: look at the price. Subtract things like closing costs and fees to determine the net proceeds of the offer.

2. Look at Financing

Have the buyers been approved for a loan to purchase the home at your price point? Also, you may want to consider the level of motivation. For exmaple, you may find out from the buyer that a relative lives in the neighbourhood, or perhaps there’s a new job just around the corner. These buyers may be more willing to make concessions to close the deal.

3. What’s the Timeline?

Check the closing date of each offer to see which is best for you.

Keep these factors in mind, and the winner will eventually become clear. For more tips for selling your home, contact your local RE/MAX agent.