You’re preparing to sell your home, and you have $1,000 to invest to (hopefully!) yield a higher resale value. What do you do?

Our panel of RE/MAX associates from across Canada weigh in with their advice about how $1,000 might be best spent to yield the greatest return on resale.

Clean it up!

Our Influencers’ most popular answer was to hire a professional cleaner to make appliances, doors and windows squeaky clean. They also suggested deep cleaning the carpets, steaming the tile and decluttering the home.

When cleaning, don’t forget about outside as well! First impressions can be irreversible, so make sure your house looks as appealing from the outside as it does from the inside.

“Clean the house thoroughly inside and outside…and buy the brightest bulbs!”

Fix what needs fixing

You may want to consider using $1,000 to fix things that are broken in your house, such as cupboards, doors or countertops. You can also take on small projects that will improve your home, such as updating light fixtures, replacing doorknobs and cabinet hardware, changing old window coverings or updating kitchen/bathroom backsplashes.

“I would recommend assessing what is most worn and giving attention to that. For instance, if the counters are in poor condition, perhaps a new countertop and hardware would improve the kitchen immensely. If there are flooring issues, a good clean, having carpets stretched, and even replacing some small areas would be beneficial.”

Stage right

Wall décor, area rugs, door mats, flowers for the front porch and fresh towels in the bathroom.

For a relatively low cost, there are many staging opportunities that will freshen up your home.

“A staging consultation could go a long way. Additionally, the consultant may make recommendations that require adding some pieces that may make a huge impact on potential buyers.”

Each situation is unique

Although RE/MAX associates had some suggestions on how $1,000 could be best spent, many insist that each situation is unique.

“This is where a real estate agent can walk through the home and guide you. He or she can point out the biggest shortfalls compared with other nearby homes on the market.”