Home is the place where dreams become a reality, where memories are made, and where you always feel welcome no matter what. Among the most interesting place to live in Canada, it is the place where friends become family, and where you are proud to plant roots that extend far deeper than the foundation of the house you call home. No matter what beautiful city you choose to land, there is no denying that Canada is home.

We are all proud of the communities and neighbourhoods we live and work in, but there are so many options that choosing just one is nearly impossible. With lists like Money Sense’s “Canada’s Best Places to Live in 2016” and the Readers Digest “9 Most Interesting Cities in Canada” you can see the options are endless, and that is why we wanted to create our own list of the most interesting places to live in Canada. Whether you are considering a move, are looking for a local vacation destination, or simply using your imagination to build your dream home in a beautiful location, we have the top places you need to consider below.

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Ottawa, Ontario

Landing at the top of Money Sense’s Best Places to Live in 2016 list, it is no surprise that Ottawa has many attractive qualities for prospective homebuyers. Aside from its beauty, Ottawa is well known for being a quiet, reserved, family oriented city.

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Blainville, Quebec

If you are looking for the ideal place to raise your young family, Blainville is the place for you! With the average Monthly Daycare Cost coming in below $200 a month, this off-island suburb of Montreal is a great one for young families to consider.

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Summerside, PEI

Not only is Summerside the second largest city in Prince Edward Island, is has many different attractions including historic buildings and a breathtaking waterfront district making this one city you should add to your travel list.

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Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

The Muskoka Lakes are one of the most well-known cottage destinations in Canada. With many options to choose from and endless attractions for both residents and visitors, this location will continue to be one of Canada’s most interesting locations.

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Victoria, British Columbia

As a vibrant city appealing to a wide range of demographics, Victoria ranked high on the list of top places to retire. With the moderate climate and a number of outdoor activities available, it is a location that has long been attractive to retirees.

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West Vancouver, British Columbia

Ranked among the richest places to live in Canada with an average household net worth of $3,510, 201, it is highly attractive for families. It has excellent options for schooling, easy access to downtown, and homes with beautiful views.

With these options only being the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Canada’s most interesting places to live, it is very clear that the options within our beautiful country are endless. If you are thinking about making a move to one of these beautiful destinations, click the button below so you can get in touch with a local RE/MAX agent who will help you throughout your entire journey.