Do you have a green thumb but no garden to grow your greens? Indoor farming methods have seen a resurgence over the past few years, particularly with many condo dwellers who don’t have access to a garden. Not only does growing your own herbs indoors provide you with fresh ingredients daily, but there are other benefits too.

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Year-Round Greens

Indoor gardening or farming means you can grow greens all year around, with no worries about weather conditions. As long as your home is equipped with the right tools and lighting, you can cultivate your indoor garden throughout winter and during extended grey periods.

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Practical Solutions for Greenery in a Small Space

Sometimes a condo or a studio space can feel restricting, but adding plants and greenery can really make a difference. If you’re looking to spruce up your small space, indoor gardens are both practical and beautiful! Grow your favourite herbs and vegetables to use in meals while lounging in a fresher, more inviting space.

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The farther your produce has to travel from farm to table, the more harm it does to the environment due to pollution from transportation. Indoor gardening will allow you to grow your own greens at home all year round, eliminating the negative environmental impact that imported goods contribute to. You can get similar ingredients right in your own kitchen, which is only steps away! It could even save you some trips to the grocery store.

Looking to get growing? Building a DIY indoor garden is quite simple! Once you find the right space for your growing shelf, you’ll need LED or fluorescent growing lights, seeds, soil and containers to start the planting process. You could even tap into hydroponic technology with its own growing light system, which does all the hard work for you!

Indoor gardening is a great way to cultivate your green, regardless of the type of home you live in. You’ll reap great benefits for the home and your wallet without too much effort on your part. As long as you have the right equipment, you can enjoy fresh, hyper-local ingredients and the joy of gardening, all year round!