Edmonton isn’t just the capital of Alberta. It’s actually North America’s northernmost metropolitan area and a treasure trove of sights, sounds and smells. If you’re in the market for Edmonton real estate, consider the following neighbourhood destinations.

Central McDougall

As the name implies, Central McDougall is quite central to Edmonton overall. The base of many independent shops and some historic buildings, Central McDougall is where many Edmontonian families and students call home. It is also home to the Royal Alexandra Hospital and the Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts which are both just a short distance from the popular Kingsway Mall.


Located in the northwest side of Edmonton, Woodcroft has been a mainstay of the city for decades. Ideal for families, the neighbourhood is home to an ice rink, the Woodcroft branch of the Edmonton Public Library, the Peter Hemingway Fitness Centre and more facilities. Perhaps its greatest draw is its proximity to Coronation Park, a multi-purpose park renowned for its beauty.


Part of Edmonton’s east side, Ottewell is one of Edmonton’s largest neighbourhoods with a gross area of more than 250 hectares. Several schools, parks and facilities make the neighbourhood quite liveable while the Capilano Mall has you covered for all your shopping needs.

While the West Edmonton Mall, North America’s largest, is often the focal point of Alberta’s capital, there’s much more to see in hidden gem neighbourhoods like these. The Edmonton real estate market has plenty to offer by way of properties, lifestyle and liveability. Don’t be afraid to explore!