Features That Will Make Your Recreational Rental Property Stand Out

With a plethora of online cottage-booking services popping up, making sure your rental recreational property stands out this summer is a must. A surefire way to do so is to include a bevy of family-friendly bonus items on that “what’s included” features list. Guests will be so excited to get cabining at yours, it’ll be hard not to stay there yourself.

A Friendly (and Safe) Firepit

Cottage memories are made around the campfire, so building out an area where people can practice their marshmallow-roasting skills is a no-brainer. Also, by providing a safe, consciously constructed (read: fully insured) fire pit means people won’t be tempted to build their own willy-nilly along the beach or in the forest.

Musical Memories

If the stereo system at your cottage still holds your Dirty Dancing cassette tape from 1987, it’s time for an upgrade. When it comes to choosing portable Bluetooth speakers and mini sound systems, there are a ton of affordable designs out there that simply link up to guests’ smartphones and laptops — some are even solar powered and splash proof, making them totally dock-ready.

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