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Lake Louise, Alberta

If the vibrantly coloured water from surrounding glaciers isn’t enough to draw you into Banff, Alberta, perhaps the idea of privacy and solitude in one of the various cottages and cabins will make Lake Louise one of the most popular cottage destinations you will return to for years to come.

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Georgian Bay, Ontario

With over 30,000 islands for recreation properties, Georgian Bay is about 190 Kilometres long and covers approximately 15,000 square kilometres. It is know for its granite rock formations and rugged beauty, with Wasaga Beach located at the southern end of the bay.

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Rideau Lake, Ontario

Whether you like to boat, fish, shop, hike, golf, or swim, the township of Rideau Lake has everything you could ever need! Located in Eastern Ontario, the shore of the lake has plenty of recreation properties and homes to choose form for your summer holidays.

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Lake of Woods, Ontario

Lake of Woods covers parts of Ontario and Manitoba, and a small portion of Minnesota. It covers 65,000 miles of shoreline, and is known for its many recreational activities that appeal to cottagers from all over Canada

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Orillia, Ontario

Orillia is one of the premier outdoor recreation areas in Canada, with a wide variety of activities for visitors. If you’re looking for one of the most popular cottage destinations among locals, check out Bass Lake that attracts visitors from it’s surrounding areas.

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Lake Rosseau, Ontario

As one of the most popular cottage destinations for cottagers in Ontario, Lake Rosseau is part of the Muskoka Lakes. On top of being a popular destination, it is also well known as being one of the most expensive destinations.

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Oakanagan Valley, British Columbia

With activities slightly different than those in Ontario, the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia offers activities such as wine tours, water sports, and hiking that are sure to keep the entire family occupied during your stay.

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Falcon Lake, Manitoba

Located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, Falcon Lake is located approximately 152 kilometres east of Winnipeg. With rushing water, clear deep lakes, & sandy beaches, this popular destination has something for everyone.

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Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Well known as a ski destination in the Winter, Mont Tremblant has plenty to offer as the weather warms up with options for swimming, golfing, and all the other activities cottagers know and love.

Whether you have a destination in mind already, or these locations have persuaded you to explore some other popular cottage destinations in Canada, here is to wishing you a safe, happy, and fun filled Summer Cottage Season at recreation properties in this beautiful country we call home! Be sure to use the search feature in to search for a recreation property in one of these prime locations to call home this summer.