We all love our humble abodes, but it can be quite thrilling to daydream about what our ultimate luxury home would look like. Each of these luxury home features has the power to elevate everyday life into something beyond basic. And while some may never get to experience them in their own home space, it’s always fun to dream.

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Cook’s Kitchen (Kind Of)

In luxury homes, the kitchen isn’t just a room where you heat up soup. It’s where you show off your culinary prowess. Even if you’ve never turned on the stove, having the best commercial-grade appliances is a must. With fridges that tell you when food expires and kitchen islands the size of, well, an island, even professional chefs would be jealous.

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Garage Band

If you live in a metropolitan area in Canada, you know how limited (and what a luxury) nearby parking can be. That’s why we’re dreaming about this practical luxury-home feature — a multi-car garage located on the same property as your home. While most multi-millionaires would house six or more $100,000+ vehicles (think vintage Jags or custom Range Rovers), we’d settle for one space.

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